1) About The Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions shown on this page apply to every single order made on ''www.collectingunleashed.com".

The buyer/customer can not add any Terms or Conditions when making any purchase with the exception of a written agreement between Buyer & Seller (Collecting Unleashed) made before the order is placed or the purchase has been made. With any deviation from the mentioned Terms & Conditions all other Terms & Conditions are still valid and still apply the same way as mentioned above.

At all times the Terms and conditions are accompanied by the relevant Belgian & European law (also for customers living abroad). In case one or more of our Terms or Conditions is not corresponding to the relevant Law, the relevant Law will be used on that part Or Collecting Unleashed will provide a new term or condition compliant to the Law. All other Terms & Conditions that do correspond to Law will be still valid.

We advise you to re-read the Terms & Conditions with every purchase. Over time our Terms & Conditions can be updated or changed.

The Terms & Conditions agreed to on the moment of purchase are the ones that apply to your order.

2) Our Stock & Online Sales

Collecting Unleashed gives the customer all needed information before making any purchase. We provide you with detailed pictures and a detailed description of the purchased item. For items we get directly from our distributors or sealed items: Stock photos can be used. If there is any deviation from those stock pictures we will provide additional pictures and/or description. For second hand items, loose items & incomplete items stock photos can also be used when the condition of the item is comparable to the item in the photos. When we find it necessary we make additional pictures ourselves and make sure all necessary details are visible in the photos and description if there is a deviation from stock photos. Generally you can assume that the item you buy is in the described condition and comparable to the item in pictures (however not necessarily the exact same item).

We also advise you to check in what category we placed those items to ensure that you know exactly what you buy.

Items labeled under ''DAMAGED PACKAGING'' are items as stated in a damaged packaging. This can go from low amounts to heavy amounts of damage. As long as it just states ''DAMAGED PACKAGING" we have no reason to believe the items inside are damaged. This is easy to check in items that come on blister cards, however not easy to see on items that come in a closed box. These items are most of the time sold at a reduced price to compensate for the damaged packaging.

If you agree to the Terms & Conditions you agree that you have carefully read the description and took a careful look at all provided pictures.

This being said human errors are always possible. Collecting Unleashed can not be held accountable for any mistakes or deficiencies in supply, price, description or the photos and has the right at all times to cancel any order due to these or other mistakes.

The products we sell on our website are meant for private use only. They are not meant for distributors or resale. Any orders placed breaking this condition may be canceled.

Collecting Unleashed has the right to cancel any order regarding any type of shortcomings caused but the customer. (no payment, customer has been untrustworthy in the past etc.)

If any orders are canceled, the customers will be refunded withing the first 2 weeks after placing their order in case the payment was already made.

We advise you to contact us before making a purchase if you have any questions regarding our products or these statements.

3) Pre-Orders

In case of pre-orders Collecting Unleashed can not be held accountable for any cancellation of orders caused by a cancellation at any of our distributors or other problems with pre-orders that happen before they reach us. We ask the customer to pay their pre-orders in advance at all times. Place your order on our website the same way as any other order Or contact us with a special request. We keep a tight overview of all pre-orders to ensure you receive your products if not cancelled by the distributor. The customer will get notified when the items are in stock and will receive a tracking link when sent. Delivery dates or expectation dates are indicative and not binding. All other terms and conditions regarding refunds, cancellation, human errors and more are the same as provided in our other Terms & Conditions.

4) Prices, Payment & Shipping

All prices on our website are in Euros and include Tax. The same for the shipping costs provided at check out. Collecting Unleashed can not be held accountable for any mistakes regarding price of any object or the price for shipping and has the right to change these prices to the adjusted price. The buyer will be notified when this is the case. If the buyer does not agree to the price change, Collecting Unleashed has the right to cancel the order and the customer will be refunded within the first 2 weeks after payment, in case the payment was already made. The customer has no right to compensation.

Until the items have been fully payed by the customer, Collecting Unleashed is the full and only owner of the products.

All orders must be paid immediately at check out using the provided payment methods, extra terms & conditions may be added depending on the chosen payment or shipping method. In some cases the customer will have the choice to pay by bank transfer. This payment has to be made within 2 weeks after placing the order. All orders not paid within the first 2 weeks after placing will be canceled. 

Collecting Unleashed has the right at all times to keep products the costumer hasn't (fully) paid yet.

Collecting Unleashed has the right ask interest on the price (10% of the total amount) in case of the customer not fulfilling his payment.

When the customer does not fulfill his payment in time (within the first 2 weeks) he will receive a reminder after the first week. If a payment hasn't been made after the second week the 10% interest will be applied. Exceptions are made when established in a written agreement between buyer and seller before the purchase is made.

Delivery dates, shipping dates & expectation dates on our website are indicative but not binding. We try to ship out all orders that are IN STOCK as soon as possible, mostly between 1 to 7 workdays after the order is placed & the payment has been received (holidays, weekends,... not included), however we give ourselves a 30 day deadline. The buyer has no additional right to compensation or cancellation when these dates & terms are not met. The only exception to this statement can be made when the delivery, shipping or expectation date is overdue for such a time that it can no longer be considered reasonable (this does not include cases where the packages are sent and in the hands of the postal services. We are not responsible for any delays with their service.). Only in this case can the buyer cancel the order. He will be refunded within the first 14 days after cancellation for the full item and shipping cost. The buyer has no right to additional compensation.

All of the above is not applied when specifically mentioned on our website (holidays for example), agreed between both parties (like pre-orders) or other forces are due like War, disease, natural disasters or other disasters or circumstances considered to be within the same range of situations out of our reach. The customer has no right to compensation in these cases either.

At check out the buyer can choose his delivery method when multiple are possible. All orders will be sent to the address provided by the buyer at checkout. Collecting Unleashed can not be held accountable for any mistakes made by the buyer in his address or personal details or the chosen delivery method.

We send all our items as packages in a cardboard box with sufficient packing material like paper & bubble wrap to ensure safe shipping. Small packages like single loose action figures etc. can also be shipped in bubble mailers. Our packages are provided with tracking information. Collecting Unleashed is no longer responsible for your package once it has been delivered to the postal service. Collecting Unleashed can not be held accountable in any way for any damage caused by the postal service. Collecting Unleashed can not be held responsible when your package is lost, stolen, delivered wrongly or any other mistake made by the postal service taking care of your package.

Please check your details before placing your order, we are not accountable when your details are not up to date.

Shipping prices do NOT include any type of customs/douane. The customer is responsible for any additional costs like these.


NEW: STOCKPILE ORDERS & PICK UP --> Contact us to make a Pick-Up appointment or to arrange Combined Shipping. (By Mail or Facebook)

Please Note:

- Depending on the size of the packaging or large weight of the packaging shipping costs might be higher than you expected for combined orders. (however combining orders will be cheaper than paying shipping per order)

- Following up a stockpile order with a normal order does not automatically arrange Combined Shipping --> Due to a larger amount of items the preset shipping cost estimate for 1 order might not be correct or the same for the combined orders.

- Stockpile order and combine shipment? --> Contact us when you would like your items to be sent and we will send you an estimate for shipping costs.

- Shipping costs for stockpile orders can at this moment be paid with bank transfer (iban) ONLY!

- We do not own a Physical Store --> Pick-Up is at the door, unfortunately there is no option (at this moment) to look at our stock in person.

5) Returns & Refunds

The following Terms & Conditions apply to all customers:

The customer has the right within the first 2 weeks after receiving their order to return the order without giving a specific reason. This only when the items are returned the exact same way the customer received the product. For new sealed items this means the product must be unopened, unused, complete & undamaged (with the exception of factory errors that make it impossible to use the product as intended). All refunds must be accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice,...). Extra items included as a free gift or promotion must also be returned.

For second hand items this means the exact product has to be returned in its exact state as it was sent out by us. Items damaged by the customer or the postal service can NOT be returned. In case of damage during shipping we advise you to contact the postal service that took care of your package.

If the customer decides to return the item he has to notify Collecting Unleashed immediately by mail (info@collectingunleashed.com). The return address is featured on our website and on your invoice. The customer is responsible for the costs to return the item and has to return the item carefully packed preferably the same way it was packed by us. The costs for returning are not refunded unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The customer will be refunded (item cost+ initial shipping cost) withing 30 days after Collecting Unleashed received & inspected the package. The refund will only take place if the object arrives as described above & below, meaning we receive it the exact same way we shipped it to you. We do not except items that arrive in a different state. We advise you strongly to send us pictures of the item and the problem BEFORE returning it to us.

When items do not meet our standard for returns the customer will be notified with the reason why the refund is not excepted and will have to pay shipping costs to resend the item to their location.

In some cases when we accept the return of an item the customer has the right for the item to be replaced with an other item, we will mention this when this is possible. If there is a problem with the item but the buyer wants to keep it, depending on the problem a partial refund may be done. If an agreement on a partial refund can not be made the customer still has the choice to return the item if it meets our terms or to just keep it and not get (partially)refunded.

Packaging damage is NOT a valid reason for refund (unless the package is damaged in a way the product inside is damaged because of it)

Please note that these days a lot of items get send by factory's and distributors with minor packaging damage/errors (like slight warping of cardbacks). At the end of the day we sell toys and collectibles that are often also opened, played with and displayed. We do not send out heavily damaged packaging unless noted in the description.

Items can not be returned or refunded when they were picked-up locally and inspected when received.



- Items that are returned in a different state than shipped by us to the customer. (Damaged, taken out of packaging,...)

- Items damaged or altered by the customer

- Items damaged during shipping caused by the lack of protection by the customer

- Items damaged by the postal service


All costs in case of a return are for the customer. (unless otherwise agreed in writing between customer & seller)

6) Warranty

At all times the Belgian & European law for warranty is applied.

Warranty only applies to the customer that buys directly from us.

Warranty only applies when accompanied by proof of purchase (invoice,...)

Warranty only applies when corresponding to the Terms & Conditions for Returns & Refunds

Warranty only applies to the product, not to the packaging.

Warranty can not be applied to products used for a different purpose than the one intended for the product, damage by customer, damage by postal service or     negligence towards the product. When the product has been manipulated wrongly, altered by the customer or exposed to extreme conditions.

Products with issues or wrongly delivered products have to be mentioned to us by mail, accompanied by the invoice and pictures within the first 2 weeks after receiving it from the postal service.  In case of return of the products, see the above terms & conditions.

7) Privacy & Personal Details

All information provided to us will be used for the processing of your order only.

Personal details are not used for other commercial targets unless specifically agreed to by the client.

The client is responsible at all times for giving us up to date information for shipping and payment.

7) Other

- Collecting Unleashed is allowed to use third parties when processing your order.

- Collecting Unleashed has the right at all times to enforce compliance to the terms & conditions. Even after he has surpassed the terms set for the customer.

- In case on of our Terms & Conditions contradicts Law, Collecting Unleashed has the right to replace the Term or Condition with a new one compliant to Law.

- All Terms & Conditioned are accompanied by the Belgian & European Law, even when the customer lives abroad.

8) Business Details


Brasschaat, Belgium

E-mail: info@collectingunleashed.com

VAT: BE 0788.915.747

IBAN: BE90 3632 2417 5932


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